As an individual I use painting as a language to express my political and personal thoughts, desires, emotions, and fears.  Using and combining a variety of visual languages from art and history stimulates and heightens my creative process.  Because of this variety, my medium of choice is oil paint.  I’m attracted to oil paint’s rich history and it’s ability to appear as itself and also appear as other mediums, surfaces, and textures.  Within my work I’m more interested in creating an experience rather than a statement.  I see my paintings functioning as a conversation rather than a lecture.  As a painter, my work allows me to accept myself, and the world around me.  It gives me an opportunity to respond to truth and beauty.  It also allows me to explore my spirit and the collective unconscious. 



Kenrick McFarlane (B.1990) is a Jamaican-American artist living and working in Chicago.  In 2010, Mcfarlane had his first solo show entitled “Face Off” at the Gene Siskel Film Center. In 2012, exhibitions by Kenrick Mcfarlane include “The King of Crooks” which was shown at Morton College, and also “The Tipping Point of Me and We” at Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center. The exhibition was also hosted by the Contemporary Arts Council and curated by Tempestt Hazel.  Later in 2012, Mcfarlane was chosen by Kerry James Marshall to participate in an exhibition curated by Dawoud Bey entitled, "Eclectic Coherence” The show was held at Expo Chicago located at Navy Pier.  Kenrick Mcfarlane is a graduate from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.